There have been a ton of memorable and amazing moments in American sports history. Even so, there are certain moments that will go down as the best of all-time for various reasons. Keep reading to learn about some of the all-time great moments in American sports history. After reading about these moments, it’ll be easy for you to see why they have become so iconic. 

Michael Phelps in the 2008 Olympics

Michael Phelps will go down as one of the most iconic and accomplished swimmers in history. His performance at the 2008 Olympic Games will go down as one of the greats in history. He won eight gold medals in 2008 and cemented his place as an American sports legend. His previous performance in the Olympic games had him winning six gold medals in 2004, and there are few men who come close to matching what he managed to do in his Olympic career. 

The First Super Bowl

The very first Super Bowl was such a huge event because it was the first time that both the AFL and the NFL would be facing off. This was the game that would determine the true football champion of the year, and the Green Bay Packers won the day against the Kansas City Chiefs. This was the beginning of something huge since the Super Bowl has become quite the spectacle. It would be hard to imagine a year without looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday in America now, but it all began with this first big game. 

The 1992 Dream Team

The American basketball team wasn’t that impressive in the past since professional athletes didn’t compete. This changed when the USA decided to let NBA players take part in the Olympic Games. This was one of the all-time best Olympic teams that included Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, John Stockton, and so many others. Needless to say, the 1992 Dream Team dominated on their way to winning the gold. 

Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics 

Jesse Owens won so many gold medals at the 1936 Olympics that it was astounding. He won the gold in the 100 meter dash, 200 meters, long jump, and the 4 x 100 relay while setting many world records. This is such a memorable feat because he was a black man who won all of these events when the Olympics took place in Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler’s rhetoric about the superiority of the German race rang hollow due to the masterful athletic performance of Jesse Owens.